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Study on the growth of the Hellula unalis Fb. larvae on different host plants

Rani Srivastavaa & Satyendra Kumarb
aDepartment of Zoology, B.M.D. College, Dayalpur, Vaishali, Bihar, India
bDepartment of Zoology, S.N.S. College, Hajipur, Vaishali, Bihar, India
Received 19th June, 2011; Revised 21st August,2011

Abstract : This paper presents the important results of the length and weight of Hellula unalis larvae reared on four hosts e.g. Sweet potato, Ground nut, Alsi and Urd were taken after 6, 12, 18, 24 and 28 days of feeding. The maximum length and weight of the larvae is 4.10 cm and 819.5 mg were recorded on 24th day on sweet potato where larvae period was completed in 24 days.


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