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Study of ultratructural changes in the liver of rat induced by sodium fluoride toxicity

Arbind Kumar* & Mani Bhushan Choudhary
Cell biology and Toxicology laboratory, P.G Department Of Zoology, Patna University, Patna-800005, Bihar, India
Received 29th November, 2010; Revised 11th February, 2011

Abstract : This study was carried out to investigate the ultrastructural changes caused by sodium fluoride in the liver of rat given 25 mg NaF/Kg bw/day for 60 days. Transmission and Scanning electron microscopic examination revealed most striking changes which occurred in the rats were degenerative changes, hepatocellular necrosis and large areas of rarified hyaloplasm separating dense areas of cytoplasmic organelles. Severe damage of mitochondria and rough endoplasmic reticulum were observed. NaF increases the disorganization of hepatic chords and sinusoidal dilation. These ultrastructural changes due to fluoride toxicity may result into gastrointestinal and metabolic disorder.


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