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Paradistomum takyelensis sp.nov. (trematoda:Dicrocoeliidae) from garden lizard, Calotes versicolor from manipur,India.

W. Lakshmipyari*, R. K. Gambhir, Th. Tarnita, I. Gyaneswari & O. Sonia
Parasitology  Section, Department of Life Sciences,
Manipur University, Canchipur – 795003.
Received 11th January 2011; Revised 26th February 2011

Abstract : Paradistomum takyelensis sp.nov. obtained from a reptile, Calotes sp. collected from Takyel in Manipur is described and illustrated. Paradistomum takyelensis sp.nov. closely resembles Paradistomum geckonum ( Bhalerao, 1929 ) from Hemidactylus frenatus but differs in having characters like smaller size of oral and ventral suckers, absence of oesophagus, shorter pharynx, location and different shape of receptaculum seminis, in the position and occupied area of vitellaria, smaller body size, etc.


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