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Importance of photoperiods in the body weight, growth and development of ovary in Heteropneustes fossilis (Bloch)

Atul Kumar Mishra*
Department of Zoology
D.A.V. P.G. College, Kanpur (U.P.) , INDIA
Received 28th December, 2010; Revised 5th February, 2011

Abstract : Live and mature specimens of female Heteropneustes fossilis, (commonly known as Indian cat fish) were purchased from local fish market and acclimatized in the laboratory then treated to different photoperiodic schedule under observation for 60 days. Light/dark schedule is a controlling factor, which regulate body weight, growth and development of ovary. It is experimentally concluded that fishes grew faster and sexually mature early in 20 hrs.L/4hrs.D and 16hrsL/8 hrsD, but in short duration of light i.e.; 4hrsL/20hrsD, growth and development of ovary were retarded. The body weights of female fishes were also affected with response of light and showing same results. In the natural day length (NDL), there were no significant change recorded.
It is proved, that body weight, growth and development of ovary is regulated by photoperiodic manipulations. Light/dark term of photoperiods regulates, sexual maturity of ovary.


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