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Histopathological effects of the insectcide Ekalux ec 25 in the tadpole larvae of Rana cyanophlyctis

Md. Noor Alam
Dept. of Zoology, Giridih College, Giridih, VBU, Jharkhand, India
Received 6th June, 2011; Revised 22nd August,2011

Abstract : The main damages in the specimen of tadpole after 96 hours of exposure in the sublethal media of Ekalux EC 25 were in the epidermis, gill filaments, intestinal epithelia, liver and kidney. The occurrence of disintegration at some sites in the epidermis, fragmented condition of the cytoplasm of the hepatic cells accompanied with reduction in the glycogen deposit, loss of compactness in the renal tubules due to party dissolved condition of the interhepatic tissues, disintegrated condition of the intestinal epithelia (in keeping with the nature of Ekalux as ‘stomach poison’ for insect pests) were most spectacular findings. The overall impact on the physiological activities of the tadpoles was apparently severe enough to affect the population of the anurans in the polluted water media.


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