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Histochemical localization of nucleic acids in the alimentary canal of pulse beetle Pachymerus chinensis (Linn.)

Lakshman Sah, Rajesh Kumar & Newton Kumar
Dept. of Zoology, R.K. Dwarika College, Patna-20
(M.U. Bodh-Gaya, Bihar)
Received 12th May, 2011; Revised 04th August, 2011

Abstract : Several histochemical tests were performed to observe the localization of various types of nucleic acids in the different sections of alimentary canal of Pachymerus chinensis (Linn). Many interesting results were found as regards the localization. Intensity of varying degree for different cellular components of the three sections of the alimentary canal of the pulse beetle It is observed that matching concentration of DNA and RNA were present in all tissues under investigation. However, nucleic acids are present in very good concentration in the foregut, midgut and hindgut of alimentary canal of Pachymerus chinensis (Linn).


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