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Genotoxic effects of the food colour (sunset yellow 15985 and carmoisine 14720) on the chromosome of bone marrow cells of swiss albino mice

Shashi Prabha Agrawal, Vijendra Singh, P.K. Mathur & I. M. Johri
Cytogenetics Laboratory, Deptt. of Zoology, D.A-V. College, Kanpur
Received 5th December, 2010; Revised 19th February, 2011

Abstract : Alkaline phosphatase (APase; orthophosphoric-monoester phosphohydrolase,EC is a hydrolase enzyme extr Colouring agent (Dye Containing Sunset Yellew, 15985 and carmoisine 14720) used for colouring the food items is found to increase the chromosomal aberrations. The two doses of chemical were used for the present studies. In dose one the aberrations recorded were 21.0% and in dose II the aberrations recorded were 26.0%. These aberrations were quite high as compared to 2.5%. The different types of aberrations recorded were chromatid break, centromeric break, polyploidy, ring chromosome, C-Mitosis and pulverization and addition.


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