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Fungal Invasion and deterioration in nutritional quality of wheat grains under storage

Amod Kumar, Pankaj Kumar & A. K Roy
P.G. Department of Biotechnology, T.M Bhagalpur University, Bhagalpur 812007 Bihar, India.
Received 27th April, 2011; Revised 01st August, 2011

Abstract : Surface sterilized wheat grains were inoculated with spores of Alternaria alternata (Fr) keissler, Aspergillus candidus Link ex. Fries., Aspergillus flavus Link ex. Fries., A.niger van Teigh., Curvularia clavata, Curvularia lunata (wakker) Boed, Fusarium moniliforme Sheldom, Fusarium oxysporum Schlenchtendhl, Cladosporium oxysporum Berk, Mucor mucedo (Linn.) Brefeld., Penicillum citrinum Thom., and Rizopous stolonifer ( Wheat grains deterioration was studied based on biochemical qualities-Total carbohydrates (Starch, Maltose) Protein (Crude protein, Gluten), Fiber (Crude fiber) & Fats at 3 months interval for a year of storage under ambient condition. Among the test fungi, Aspergillus flavus was the most deteriorative followed by A.niger, Fusarium moniliforme, Fusarium oxysporium, Rizopous stolonifer, Penicillum Spp. The test fungi caused a significant decrease in total carbohydrates, protein, Fats & Fiber content of wheat grains. This could be attribution to heavy colonization of storage fungi as indicated by variation in biochemical status.


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