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Comparative study of water temperature and water level of two ponds of Hajipur, Vaishali, Bihar- A preliminary study

Narendra Kumar Singha ,  Satyendra Kumarb & Amritesh Gautamb
aDepartment of Chemistry, S.N.S.College, Hajipur, Vaishali, Bihar
bDepartment of Zoology, S.N.S. College, Hajipur, Vaishali, Bihar.
Received :25th May, 2011;Revised : 18th August, 2011

Abstract : This paper present the important result of the two ponds, namely Lalpokhar, Dighi, and Taj Baj Kha Pokhar, Hajipur during the year 2010. It is essential to have a balance between abiotic and biotic factors of a water body for better productivity. They have a decisive role in controlling the quality of environment. No other factor has such a profound influence on the productivity of a water body as the air and water temperature. They affect the metabolic and physiological activities of the aquatic animals. The maximum and minimum temperature of air and water showed the same identifical trend of seasonal variation.


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