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Effect of unilateral eyestalk ablation on gonadal maturation in freshwater crab, Sartoriana spinigera (Wood Mason, 1871)

R.N. Prasad , P. Nayan, P. Surender & S. Besra*
Department of Zoology, Ranchi College, Ranchi
Received 3rd May, 2010; Revised 8th August, 2010

Abstract : In freshwater crab, Sartoriana spinigera the gonadal maturation is under the inhibitory regulation of a neuroendocrine system, the X-organ / sinus gland complex in the paired eyestalks, Eyestalk ablation (removal of the X-organ / sinus gland complex) is widely used for inducing ovarian development. The present study was made to assess the effects of bi and unilateral eyestalk ablation on the reproduction and growth, determined on the basis of increment in live weight of gonad and gonadosomatic index of freshwater crab, Sartoriana spinigera. Mean value of gonadosomatic index was 0.285  + 0.017 in control female crab whereas mean value of gonadosomatic index was 0.444 +  0.091 in unilateral eyestalk ablated female crab. Statistical analysis showed that difference obtained in gonadosomatic index of control and unilateral ablated crabs were highly significant  ( P > 0.01).  There is significant increase in gonadosomatic index in unilateral ablated female crabs (0.444 + 0.091) in comparison to control (0.285 +  0.017).


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