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Studies on aquatic and semiaquatic angiospermic plants known to cure several diseases in and around Asansol (West Bengal)

Angshuman Chakarbortya, Radha Krishna Jhaa & Prasanjit Mukherjeeb*
aUniversity Department of Botany, R.U. Ranchi, Jharkhand
bDepartment of Botany, K.K.M. College (S.K.M.U.), Pakur , Jharkhand
Received 28th December; Revised 4th March, 2010

Abstract : Asansol is one of the important industrial and Coal field Area of West Bengal. While making a study on the aquatic biodiversity and their medicinal uses of the region during 2007-2009, it is observed that the rural people still prefer the herbs and plants to grow in their surrounding  local ponds & wetlands for cure of various diseases. This aquatic & semiaquatic plants exhibit luxuriant growth in ponds and wetlands & serve as chief and easily available source of medicines.


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