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Effect of pesticides on growth and development of male rain quail, Coturnix coromandelica Gmelin

Atul Kumar Misra*
Department of Zoology, D.A.V. College, Kanpur, U. P., India
Received 3rd January, 2010; Revised 2nd March, 2010

Abstract : Organochlorine, organophosphorus, pyethroid and carbamate are some very common neurotoxic substances having acute and sub-chronic toxicity. Such types of pesticides cause behavioural disturbances among variety of birds. For this purpose live and mature acclimatized specimens of Coturnix coromandelica (male) were purchased and treated under the laboratory conditions. The male birds were treated experimentally with specific sub chronic dose of pesticides (D.D.T.). The observations were taken just after 10 days.
The total duration of the experiments was of thirty days. The body weight and volume of the testis were taken at regular time intervals.
The toxic effect of DDT influences growth and development of the testis. The body weight of the birds also decreased gradually.


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