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Site specific distribution of Linognathus vituli & Haematopinus tuberculatus on host body

Sudhanshu Kumar and Suresh Chandra
Ecology  and Parasitology Laboratory, Department Of Zoology, Kutir P.G. College, Chakkey, Jaunpur(U.P)-222146 India

Received 13th May, 2009 ; Revised 19 August, 2009

Abstract : The distribution of two anopluran species (L. vituli & H. tuberculatus) on their host body has been recorded on 30 cows and 48 buffaloes in present study. The change in pattern of site preference on host body during different s of year 2000 have been noted. L. vituli shows maximum consideration on top and sides of neck, brisket and dewlap throughout the year. The sides, top of neck, dewlap and back are the most naturally favoured sites for this louse infesting cow. H. tuberculatus habitually prefers the neck, back and sides of buffaloes while shoulder, belly, thighs carry moderate population of lice.

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