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Phytochemical studies on medicinal water fern- Ceratopteris and Marsilea used by Tribal People of Ranchi District

Anubhuti Singh* & Usha Sinku
Departiment of  Botany, Ranchi University, Ranchi
Received  20th December, 2008; Revised 7th February, 2009

Abstract : The present investigation deals with the phytochemical and medicinal properties of two water ferns Ceratopteris and Marsilea. An attempt has been made to trace the chemical constituent present in the plants. For phytochemical study the extraction of plant was done by cold maceration method. The extractive value was high in methanol so the extraction was done in solvent Methanol. Chemical group test detect the presence of Alkaloid, Flavonoid, Tannin, Reducing sugar and Saponin in plants.


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