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Medicinal and nutritional value of some freshwater snails in the district of Simdega, Jharkhand – A survey

Abha  Ekka* & S. Besra

 Zoology Deptt., Ranchi College, Ranchi Jharkhand

 *St. Mary’s Inter college Samtoli, Simdega, Jharkhand.

Received 11th April, 2009 ; Revised 9th August, 2009

Abstract : Survey of freshwater snails was done in Simdega district of Jharkhand. These freshwater gastropod molluscs are common and widely distributed in ponds, rivers and paddy fields of Jharkhand. Survey form local people have indicated that some species of snails are very important in some ways, because they are edible as well as used as medicine for various eye diseases such as conjunctivitis, hazy vision, night blindness etc. According to Bodding (2001) these are also used in case of sore, which appears on the sole of foot, syphilis on the neck and chest.

The most common edible species are Bellamaya bengalensis (Jouss.) and Pila globusa (swainson). It is also used as medicine for curing small pox and asthma. Some gastropods collected were not edible.

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