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In -Vitro Root, stem development and callus induction from different parts of Spondias magnifera(L)

Indu Kumari* & R.K Pandey
Department of Botany, Ranchi University, Ranchi -834008

Received 12th December, 2008 ; Revised 17th August, 2009

Abstract:- Different parts of Spondias magnifera L were cultured on Murashige and Skoog’s medium (MS) supplemented with different concentrations of phytohormones.  Different growth regulators like to 2,4-D, IBA, IAA, KN, BAP used either alone or in combination.  Leaves and shoot tips were the best suited explant for Callus formation.  The  use of shoot- tip culture for mass propagation of pathogen free stock and for freeze preservation of genetics stock. The  most suitable medium noted for shoot formation was that of MS with BAP(2mgL-1) and IAA(1mgL-1). The other effective combinations for shoot formation was MS with BAP(3mgL-1) and IAA(2mgL-1) or MS with BAP(1mgL-1) and NAA(0.5mgL-1).  Shoot developed was rooted the best in MS medium with 0.5mgL-1 NAA.

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