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Global Warming – its consequences Suggested Remedial Measures

Umapati Sahay1, Rajendra Prasad Singh2 and Anita Jha3
1. Former University Professor & Head of the Department of Zoology, Ranchi University & Dean Faculty of Science.
2. Head, department of Zoology, Marwari College, Ranchi.
3. Department of Zoology, Gardanibagh Women’s College, Patna.
Received 12th February, 2009; revised 8th July, 2009

Abstract : Earth’s vertically extended atmosphere, an envelop of gases has troposphere (up to 5 km), stratosphere (5 – 45 km), mesosphere (45 – 80 km) and thermosphere (ionosphere) – above 80 km. Man has been altering the atmosphere via various activities, has disastrously pillaged the Nature and squandered the precious natural resources. By throwing CO2, CO, methane, various oxides of nitrogen (NOx), CFC etc. in the atmosphere immense damage has been done, as these absorb infrared radiation in the spectral bands, where there are gaps in the CO2 and water spectra, thus close the atmospheric window leading to increased radiation absorption by the atmosphere and its retention resulting into the increase in the temperature of earth with consequential large scale change in temperature climate pattern. The above gases on accumulation disturb the heat budget and catastrophic consequences such as melting of Arctic Sea, glaciers shrinking, destabilization of geopolitical environment leading to skirmishes, battles and even war to resource constraints ¾ a national conflict leading to national security, halving the uptake of CO2 by North Atlantic Ocean, rising acidification of ocean due to uptake of CO2 resulting into carbon saturation and looming peril of biodiversity, extinction of plants and animals, will place health system under stress, increase infectious and respiratory diseases, affect heart and blood vessels, allergic manifestations, provide optimal conditions to mosquito and acceleration of dengue fever, rise of oceans warming in Antarctic peninsula threatening the survival of penguins and other animals and several other consequences which the authors have discussed in this paper along with the remedial measures.


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