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Foliar epidermal studies on some ethnomedicinal climbers of family Fabaceae growing in and around Jharkhand

Smita Suman & J. Kumar*

University Department of Botany, Ranchi University, Ranchi- 834008, Jharkhand Received 11 th June, 2009; Revised 30th August, 2009

Abstract : The present paper deals with the foliar epidermal studies of some ethnomedicinal climbers of family Fabaceae. Foliar epidermal characters like number and type of stomata, number and shape of epidermal cells, stomatal index and trichomes were analysed in some ethnomedicinal climbers viz. Clitoria ternatea L., Pisum sativum L., mucuna pruriens ┬áBak. and Dolichous lablab L. of family Fabacea. Diacytic and tricytic stomata were in abundance on both the surface of leaf in most of the plants. Tetracytic stomata were recorded only in Pisum sativum and Mucuna pruriens. The stomatal index in the four climbers ranges between 21.82 – 34.05. Unicellular and Uniseriate multicellular, nonglandular trichomes in wavy and irregular epidermal cell were also recorded in all the climbers.

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