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Behaviourial and stress related disorders in adolescence

Kishlay Ray*
Dept. of Zoology, VBU, Hazaribagh

Received 11th July, 2009 ; Revised 30th August, 2009

Abstract : Adolescence is the transitional period of life from childhood to adulthood. Behavioural disorders encountered during this period of life, therefore bear special importance. Timely detection and professional help is a necessity. Adolescence starts at puberty which is ten to twelve years in girls and twelve to fourteen years in boys. All teenagers fall into this category. They undergo a rapid and continuous physiological and psychological change in their developmental process encompassing sexual growth along with personality make up to step into adulthood. The process of growing up itself is a stress which make them prone to behavioural disorders. They are by nature enthusiastic, inquisitive, explorative, argumentative, ambivalent and usually oversensitive. Many of them find them find difficulty in coping up with the stress of growing up and suffer from anxiety and depression. Some of them ignore parental advice and loose control because of overexcitement. These adolescents might indulge into drug abuse, overdrinking or rash driving and other antisocial acts. Reckless and impulsive acts are seen in some adolescents who under peer pressure engage them into such endeavour at times to cover up their poor self esteem.

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