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A review on monospiculate Spirocamallanids (Nematoda : Spirocamallaninae ) of India in and around

Anjna Prema Vandna Khalkhoa*, Meena Sinhab, Umapati Sahayc & Purnimad
a Mahila College, Chaibasa

bH.O.D. Dept. of Zoology,K.B.WomensCollege, Hazaribagh.
cRetired University Professor Head Dept. of Zoology & Dean fac. Of Science, Ranchi University, Ranchi, Jharkhand.
dResearch Scholoar VBU, Hazaribagh.

Received 11th June, 2009; Revised 23rd August, 2009

Abstract : A number of nematode species belonging to the genus Spiroccamallanus Olsen, 1952 under the subfamily Spirocamallaninae have been described by various authors from India & Pakistan. Their present status has been discussed in the light of opinions of Noble & Noble (1974)48, Cheng (1973)49 & Sahay and Sahay (1999)50 etc.

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