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In-vitro propagation of Catharanthus roseus and their pharmaceutical value

Md. Sahid Hussain*, A.K.Jha, Md. Sarfaraj Ahmad & Kaushal Kishore Choudhary
Department of Botany, Jai Prakash Vishwavidyalaya Chapra (Saran) Bihar, India
Received : 30th January, 2023 ; Revised :24th February, 2023

AbstractIn-vitro propagation is a method using culturing explant in appropriate culture nutrient medium under sterile condition. Experimental plant Catharanthus roseus commonly known as Madagascar belong to the family Apocynaceae. It tropical and has been spread throughout the tropical and subtropical by human activities through its primary traditional use were for people with diabetes, and anticancer effect. It is medicinally important plant widely used for the production of anticancerous drugs by pharmaceuticals companies due to the presence of vinblastine alkaloid. Due to the over exploitation of this plant for pharmaceuticals use as raw materials. We use axillary bud; shoot tip, node and internode explants of Catharanthus roseus. Morphogenic effect of various concentrations of cytokinins and auxins added singly or in combination supplemented with MS medium was studied during experimental work. All the cultures were incubated at 25±26°C under 16 hour’s photoperiod with light and 8 hours in dark. Somatic embryogenesis was observed on combination of 2, 4-D (1.0mg/ l) + Kinetin (1.0mg/l) supplemented with MS medium from shoot apex. Effect of natural additives (compost of sand + gold sand + soil homogenate and shootex) on axillary bud and callus formation was also studied. In our study, combination of BAP (0.5mg/l) + NAA (1.0mg/l) supplemented with MS medium proved to be optimal for the production of good number of shoots from nodal explant. Different size and different positions (Basal, Middle and Distal) of nodal explants along the stem length of Catharanthus roseus were cultured on MS medium supplemented with BAP (3.0mg/l). Present study provides the mass production and conserved of Catharanthus roseus in short times, for pharmaceutical raw materials.

Key words: In-vitro propagation, Explant, Catharanthus roseus, Alkaloids, MS medium, Cytokinins, Auxins, Morphogenic.

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