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Histochemical detection of protein concentration in the gut lining of larval instars (Ist- IVth) of Callosobruchus chinensis Linn. propagating on moong.

Pushpalata Hansdak*
Department of Zoology, Jaglal Chaudhary College, Jai Prakash University, Chapra, Bihar, India
Received : 16th December, 2022 ; Revised : 16th January, 2023

Abstract– This study was carried out to assess the localization of protein in the gut of larval instars of Callosobruchus chinensis Linn. propagating in Moong. Histochemical analysis of the gut lining of the larval instars in Callosobruchus chinensis showed glycogen. However, the protein content was not the same in foregut, midgut and hindgut of larval instars.

Key words: Protein, Gut Lining, Larval instars, C.chinensis.

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