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Costus speciosus: The “insulin plant” a boon for tribals in Jharkhand- A review article

Sangeeta Hansda & Neeta Lal*
University Department of Zoology, Ranchi University, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India.
Received : 14th January, 2023 ; Revised : 26th February, 2023

Abstract– India, is going to be the diabetic capital of the world by 2035. About 42% of the total population of India is now suffering from hyperglycemia and type II diabetes. Jharkhand, the land of tribal having a population of about 4.06 crore among which about 14% of total population have been reported to suffer from diabetes. Tribal depends mostly upon the wild plants and vegetation for their ailment treatment. Herbal plants are now being extensively used as a therapeutic agent all over the world in both traditional and modern system of medicine. More than 2000 plants species are being used for drug formulation. Costus speciosus, an insulin plant is thus a wild variety plant of Jharkhand, belonging to the family Costaceae. It is believed that not only leaves but rhizomes and roots of this plant are used to control various ailments. Rhizome of this plant is a major source of diosgenin, a phytochemical used to lower blood glucose level. Thus, the present work is concerned with the review of the medicinal properties of insulin plant as a whole.

Key words: Tribal, ailment, Costus speciosus, phytochemicals, hyperglycemia

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