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Comparative moisture content of Cuscuta reflexa Roxb. grown on Bougainvillae, Vitex negundo & Nerium olender in Ranchi district.

Kavita Kumari* & Anil Kumar
University Department of Botany, Ranchi University, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India
Received : 18th January, 2023 ; Revised :18th February, 2023

Abstract– Medicinal plant plays a crucial role for the advancement of new drug. Plant material remains a significant resource to combat severe disease in the world. The present study deal with the moisture content of C. reflexa grown on three different host. Cuscuta reflexa Roxb. belong to family Convolvulaceae. It is a parasitic plant commonly known as Amarbel, Amarlatta, etc. it is used as herbal medicine to cure number of disorders. Several studies have been confirmed that the plant possess potential anti-microbial, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-convulsant, anti-arthritics & hair growth promoting activities.

Key words: Cuscuta reflexa Roxb, Parasitic plant, Moisture content, Herbal medicine, Host plant.

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