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Effect on histochemical localization of alkaline and acid phosphates in the alimentary canal of Khapra beetle, Trogoderma granarium (Evert) due to some environmental pollutants

Rajesh Kumar Sumana, Surabhi Salonia& Lakshman Sahb*
aP.G. Department of Zoology, Magadh University, Bodh-Gaya, Bihar, India
bDepartment of Zoology, R.K.D College Patna, Patliputra University, Patna, Bihar, India
Received : 8th February, 2020 ; Revised : 24th February, 2020

Abstract : This paper represents the distribution of enzymes alkaline and acid phosphatases, were studied in the alimentary canal of Khapra beetle. It is observed that these enzymes were localized only in the midgut region. Both foregut and hind gut showed negative reaction. In the lower part of the midgut, a very high concentration of alkaline phosphatases was observed, whereas, the upper part of midgut showed relatively lesser concentration of these enzymes. A moderate reaction was observed throughout the midgut region of acid phosphatases which was found to be localized mainly towards lumen and peripheral sides but no effect of environmental pollutants on the gut of Trogoderma granarium (Evert).

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