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Diversity & prevalence of piscine helminth parasites of Madhepura, Bihar, India

Chandan Kumar Chand*
University Department of Zoology, B.N.Mandal University,Madhepura, Bihar
Received : 15th December, 2019 ; Revised : 11th February, 2020

Abstract : The present investigation was made to study the diversity & prevalence along with , seasonality & intensity of infestation of helminthes parasites in selected fishes Heteropneustes fossilis, Anabas testudineus, Labeo rohita, Cirrhinus cirrhosus & Clarias batrachus of Madhepura, Bihar during the experimental year 2016-2018. Five helminth parasites Eustrongylides sp (Nematode), Euclinostomum heterostomum (Trematode), Clinostomum (Trematodes) Diplostomum (Trematodes) and Pallisentis allahabadii (Acanthocephalan) were collected from abdominal cavity, liver and intestine of the infected hosts. Eustrongylides sp. (Nematodes-), Euclinostomum heterostomum (Trematodes)
exhibited highest prevalence in different host fishes while Clinostomum (Trematodes) remained at low. The cumulative diversity value of all the parasites as per S-W statistical equation has been found to be 0.675.

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