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Taxonomic studies of Shell fish fauna of Madhepura, Bihar

Kumari Shashi Prabha* & Arun Kumar
University Department of Zoology, B.N.Mandal University, Madhepura, Bihar, India
Received :3rd November 2018 ; Revised : 18th February 2019

Abstract : In the present study the different species of shell fishes were considered for the taxonomic study in Madhepura. 15 species of shell fishes belonging to different class such as Gastropoda, Malacostraca and Bivalvia were studied. Among these classes of species the species belonging to the class Gastropoda were found to be 8 in number were dominant and outstanding shell fishes of the of Madhepura, North Bihar. Of Gastropoda, the species belonging to genera Bellamya, Pila, Gyraulus, Indoplanorbis were founded. Among Bivalvia species belonging to the genera Parreysia, Lamellidens, Corbicula were recognized but were only 4 in number. Finally among Malacostraca the species belonging to genera Sartoriana, Penaeus and Macrobrachium comprising of about 3 species. The region is biogeographically diversified to sustain a rich shell fish population which increases the ecological richness of the environment. Thus the result of the present study indicated that the Madhepura region of North Bihar is endowned with rich shell fish fauna.

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