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Species diversity of shellfishes in Madhepura district of Bihar

Kumari Shashi Prabha* & Arun Kumar
University Department of Zoology, B.N.Mandal University, Madhepura, Bihar, India
Received : 11th November, 2018 ; Revised :9th February, 2019

Abstract– The abundance and distribution of some shellfishes of the coastal waters bordering different areas of Madhepura district of Bihar was studied between September and December, 2018. Specimens were collected monthly with the assistance of local fishermen. The population structure and distribution patterns were determined using Shannon- Weiner diversity index. The species population diversity showed great fluctuations in all the four different sampling sites during the different months of the observation period. All most of the shellfish species were found to be abundant during the months of September and October while during the other study period the species were present in few of the sampling site which may be due to high pollution status.

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