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Fish diversity of the river Kamala, Nepal: Present status and conservation needs

Basant Kumar Karn*
Dept.of Zoology, Institute of Science & Technology, Tribhuwan University, R.R.Multiple Campus, Janakpurdham, Nepal.
Received : 6th June, 2018 ; Revised :21st July, 2018

Abstract: River Kamala is an important water body in state 2 province of Nepal and well-known river in south-East Nepal in terms of fish production and source of income generation to many fishermen living in peripheral riverside territory. The study has been conducted in summer, monsoon, post monsoon and winter seasons of 2016. This study revealed the existing fish species and their composition along with diversity, richness and evenness indices. A total of 66 species of fishes have been recorded belonging to 41 genera, 17 families and 6 orders. Cypriniformes was recorded as the most diversified fish group as well as for number of fish species both. Of all the fishes 2 fish species was endangered, 8 species was rare and 18 species was threatened according to fish catch in river Kamala. Overall values in diversity and evenness indices were as Shanon index 2.08, 3.03 & 3.29, Simpson index 0.81, 0.92 & 0.94. Marglef index 3.95, 9.57 & 10.45 and Evenness index was 0.68, 0.76 & 0.81, respectively. In the light of above, the author suggests following conservation strategy: 1) The lowering of deforestation, 2) Control of excavation of sand, boulders from river bed, 3) Employment generation to fishermen community.

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