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Diversity of aquatic angiosperms in some chaurs of Madhepura district

Kumari Shikha Choudharya* & Bimala Kumarib
a*Dept. of Botany, S.N.R.K.S. College, Saharsa,B. N. Mandal University (Madhepura), North Bihar, India
bDept. of Botany, B. N. Mandal University (Madhepura), North Bihar, India
Received : 25th January, 2017 ; Revised : 5th March, 2017

Abstract– In this study two blue green algae Microcystis aeruginosa and Anabaena orizae were tested in compliance with the agar well diffusion method for their anti-bacterial activity against two gram negative bacteria obtained from local pathological lab.

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