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1Tabsheer Ahmad*, 2 Naiyer Mumtaz
1,2Assistant Professors
Department of Mechanical Engineering,
Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Cambridge Institute of Technology Tatisilwai, Ranchi

Abstract : The development and utilization of control strategies are closely linked with progress and requirement of society. All sorts of renewable green energy paternity and ecological climate construction become more and more paid attention to, as fossil energy resources become shortage day by day as well as environmental pollutions. This paper researches and analyzes energy sources status and sustainable development problem. Some key control projects and strategies were raised through studying wind energy conversion system and solar PV system. As an example, a hybrid generation station (Solar PV & Wind) was constructed for environmental protection, energy conservation and harmonious ecologic climate. CAN bus technology was applied to monitor and control the wind-solar PV hybrid electric station and greenhouse as well as energy management.

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