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1 Md Nasim Ansari, 2 Naiyer Mumtaz, 3Anwar Alam
1Lab Technician, 2,3Assistant Professor
Cambridge Institute of Technology, Tatisilwai, Ranchi

Abstract : As we know that, batteries have been the source of energy for most mobile, and remote system applications. Now, with pervasive computing specification in the fields of wireless sensor networks, embedded systems and lowpower, electronics such as Micro Electro Mechanical System (MEMS) devices, a backup source of energies are required. Also with limited range of finite power sources of energy and the demand for delivering energy for an existence of a system, it is a demand for ascetic powered devices. The method of extricating energy from environment is described that energy harvesting. Energy harvesting, which extracted from the water wheel and windmill, is generally mediated as a little maintenance explication for a variety of applications. There are different forms of energy that could be scavenged, like mechanical, thermal, acoustic, solar, wave, and wind. This paper deals as a review for analyzing the sources of energy harvesting based on different technical papers assessable in the internet or Google.

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