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Studies on pests of forest nurseries in Jharkhand

Seema Keshari
Department of Zoology, R.L.S.Y. College, Ranchi , Ranchi University, Ranchi
Received : 25th July, 2016; Revised: 21st August, 2016

Abstract : Forest is very important natural resource for human being. It is always beneficial for us. There is a great demand of forest nurseries to fulfill the forestation work. For healthy nursery it is necessary to keep it away from pests and diseases. During the work on project it was found that almost all major pests attack the forest nurseries. A survey was made and about thirty insect pests were reported. All insects are mostly from Lepidopteran group. Some are from Coleopteran group.
Order Lepidoptera contained 11 family- Hesperidae ( 1 sp.), Noctuidsr(9), Geometridae(3), Arctidae(1), Pyralidae(4), Psychidae(1), Lycanidae(1), Gelechiidae(1), Lymantridae(4), Lyonetidae(1), Lasiocampidae(1).Order Coleoptera contained two families- Rutelinae (1), and Curculionidae (2).

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