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Studies of xylem elements in Euphorbia nivulia Buch-Ham. in Maharashtra state of India

K. A. More*
Department of Botany, Yashvantrao Chavan Arts &Science Mahavidyalaya
Mangrulpirdist- washim (MH) India
Received : 11th July, 2015; Revised : 22nd August, 2015

Abstract : Xylem element studies in Euphorbia nivulia in Maharashtra State are described. The range of length and width of vessel elements was determined by the measurement of vessel elements and were classified as per the classification given by Radlford et al. (1974), which is reproduced here for further investigation. Various parameters of 30-50 xylem elements of E. nivulia surved show substantial variation in there morphological & numerical organisations. The details have been discussed in this paper.

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