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Water quality assessment of Mora talab of Biharsharif using NSF-WQI

Sujit Kumar,a* Bandana Kumarib & Mukesh Kumarc
a*Dept. of Zoology, Allama Iqbal College, Biharsharif, Bihar
bP.G.Dept. of Env.Scs, A.N. College, Patna, Bihar
Received , 18thNovember, 2014; Revised: 15th December, 2014

Abstract : All life on earth depends on water. Fresh water is a critical, finite, vulnerable, renewable natural resource on the earth and plays an important role in our living environment. without it life is impossible. Standing water bodies have great importance as they are recharging resources for drinking domestic and agricultural use before the civilization. water quality of pond is important for health and economy of people. The present study is going to centralize on the Mora talab Biharsharif Nalanda district in Bihar. Physico-chemical analysis of the water does not provide the direct conclusions on the quality of water quality index calculates all the parameters and gives an easy decision making output to analyze the quality of water. A simple but useful index is the national sanitation foundation water quality index (NSF-WQI). This index can be calculated by determining only selected physico-chemical parameters change in water temperature, pH. Dissolved oxygen, biochemical oxygen demand, total phosphorus, nitrates, and turbidity were used for the calculation of the index from the listed data the quality of water was concluded.

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