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Ageing – a biological phenomenon.

Anjali Srivastavaa*
aDepartment of Zoology, Jamshedpur Womens College, Jamshedpur, Kolhan University, Jharkhand
Received 16th June.,2014; Revised 25th July, 2014

Abstract : Ageing is slow, progressive, symmetrical & biochemical changes that take place at cellular, tissue & organ level. Such alterations decrease the organizing ability to face environmental stress, resulting into an increase in the eventuality of “death”. Ageing is due to the malfunctioning of body systems. Most organisms start to age sometimes just after they acquire the ability to reproduce. Signs of ageing are visible in almost all body systems from circulatory to urinogenital system. Changes also include physiological or functional & cellular changes. Many diseases are age associated like osteoporosis, sleeping disorders Parkinson’s disease etc. Kind of diet & its quantity also substantially affect the rate of ageing. Several theories have been put forth to explain the cytological basis of ageing process which have been discussed in this paper.

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