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Toxicity of seed borne storage fungi of Cowpea (Vigna sinensis L.) I-Effect on germination of seed and growth of the radical.

Monalisha Sahaa* and H.B.Sahua
Microbiology and Plant Pathology Laboratory, Ranchi University, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India.

Received 17th November. 2013 :Revised: 10th January. 2014

 Abstract : The germination of the seeds of Cowpea due to storage with seed borne Aspergillus niger.  Aspergillus flavus and Fusarium moniliforme, their acetone extract and the metabolite of the noted fungi was recorded considerably suppressed. A.flavus proved the most deleterious followed in succession by A. niger and F. moniliforme. As the relative humidity (RH) of the storage was raised, the suppression of the seed germination was proportionately more due to all the noted fungi. Similar effect was observed on the rate of elongation of the radical due to the metabolite of the noted fungi.

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