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Plants being used to cure Diabetes by the local inhabitants of Ranchi District of Jharkhand (India)

Shefa Parveena* & Ashok Kumar Naga
Department of Botany, Ranchi College, Ranchi, 834001, Jharkhand India

Received ,22nd January, 2014 ;Revised: 22nd February 2014

Abstract: Diabetes is a deadly disease of the Modern world. It shows very little symptom but harms all body parts of humans. Ethnic population due to their changing life style ex: hereditary reasons are also suffering in great number with this disease. A study was undertaken in Ranchi District of Jharkhand to know about the remedies of Diabetes being in used by the local inhabitants. In the present paper 40 medicinal plants have been enumerated, the way of administration is also described which the local people of Ranch; district mainly the tribes use against Diabetes.

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