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Catalytic and enzymatic activities of copper in human body-an overview

Neetua*, R.K.Singha & K.Swarnimb
a*Dept. of Applied Chemistry,CIT, Tatisilwai, Ranchi
bDeptt. of Zoology ,  Ranchi Womens College, Ranchi Univ. Ranchi.
Received , 15th January, 2013 ;Revised: 15th February, 2013

Abstract :Biochemical and crystallographic evidence of copper and its complexes are necessary for structural and catalytic properties of cuproenzymes .The resisting power of the body is increased by oral administration of Schiff base copper complex. The fundamental role of copper and the recognition of its complex are used as important bioactive compound and potential drug for therapeutic intervention in various diseases.Copper deficiency is usually the consequence of decreased copper stores at birth, inadequate dietary copper intake, poor absorption, and elevated requirements induced by rapid growth, or increased copper losses. The most frequent clinical manifestations of copper deficiency are anemia, neutropenia, and bone abnormalities. Recommendations for dietary copper intake and total copper exposure, including the potable water, should consider that copper is an essential nutrient with potential toxicity if the load exceeds tolerance.

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