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Occurrence of Mesocoelium sociale Luhe(1901)2, Odhner (1910)3 from the intestine of Bufo melanosticus (Toad) from Hajipur (Vaishali), Bihar- a new locality

Gautam Bhai Desaia* & Dipti Sahayb
*aDept. of Zoology S. M. College, Hajipur (Bihar)
bP.G.Dept. of Zoology, J.P.University, Chapra (Bihar)

Received 30th September, 2012; Revised 30th November., 2012

Abstract : A trematode Mesocoelium sociale Luhe (1901), Odhner (1910) collected for the first time from toad’s intestine of Pokhra area of central Hajipur, Vaishali, Bihar has been described with variations in the present paper.
Keywords: Mesocoelium , Bufo.


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