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Effect of Citronella oil on mitotic chromosomes of Mus musculus

Sudarshan Kumar Sudhanshua* & K.K. Singha
*aUniversity Department of Zoology, T.M.BhagalpurUniversity,Bhagalpur-7

Received 15th October, 2012; Revised 28th November., 2012

Abstract : The Genotoxic effect of the citronella oil was evaluated in the metaphase chromosomes of bone marrow cells of both the sexes of swiss albino mice, Mus musculus .six week old mice matched for their sex were put into different groups(six mice per group)and the treatment was done according to the experimental plan(T1i.e. lower dose =50ppm,T2 i.e. middle dose =100ppm,T3 i.e. higher dose=200ppm ).The test material was administered orally for a week in the different groups of both the sexes of mice at the rate of 0.1 ml/gram of the body weight .The results revealed that the frequency of chromosomal abnormalities i.e. structural and numerical changes were 3% in control, 17% in T1, 26% in T2 and 38.67% in T3 respectively in the male mice likewise 2.6% in control,16% in T1, 23% in T2, and 34.67% in T3 respectively in the female mice.
Keywords: Genotoxic effect, Citronella oil, Metaphase chromosomes, Bone marrow cells.


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