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Morphotaxonomy of some Chlorococcales from Darbhanga, North Bihar

A.N. Karguptaa & S.K. Bosea*
University Department of Botany,
Lalit Narayan Mithila University, Darbhanga- 846004, Bihar

Received  20th  January, 2012; Revised 3rd March , 2012

Abstract : The present paper deals with morphotaxonomy of 12 species under 9 genera of Chlorococcales (Chlorophyceae) collected during 2008-2009 from some fish ponds of Darbhanga township area. Some of these forms have already been reported as pollution tolerant forms by many workers in the past. However, all the taxa reported in this paper form the first record from this part of Bihar. The genus Palmellococcus is probably the first record from Indian sub continent.

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