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Differential varietal response to solo and combined mutagenesis for chlorophyll and morphological mutation in M2 generation of Vicia faba L.

 Rita Kumari
Mutagenesis & Mutation Lab.
P.G. Department of Botany, A.N. College, Magadh Univeristy,  Patna, Bihar, India

Received  12th Jan., 2012; Revised 10th June, 2012

Abstract : Faba bean (Vicia faba L.) is marginal and small farmer’s legumes that provide them the much needed cheap protein (25%) full of essential amino acids. The genetic horizon of faba bean needed to be enlarged and extended further so as to effect meaningful selection. Two relatively stable varieties VH82-1 and JV-2 were subjected to different doses of solo gamma rays (10kr, 20kr, 30kr) and also combined with ethyl methane sulphonate(0.10% for 6 Hrs ).
M2 population of both varieties expressed differential varietal response to solo and combined mutagenesis. Xantha, chlorotica, chlorina, xanthoalba and albino appeared in varied frequencies and proportion to each other. The mutational events also amended all plant parts that led to manifestation of viable morphological mutants, including some novel morpho-variants, hither to unreported so far. Relatively the combined mutagenesis intensified and extended the frequency and spectrum of both chlorophyll and morphological mutants, more. Variety VH82-1 was more sensitive and labile to mutagenesis. Novel teratological mutant types include determinate and terminal inflorescence, constricted podded type and auto-splitting podded one.

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