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Study of the changes in some aspects of the blood composition during different months of the year in Channa punctatus (Bloch).

Ravi Kumara, Kumari Tulikab & Ashok Kumarb*
aSaran Academy, Chapra
bDept. of Zoology and Industrial fish & Fisheries,
Ganga Singh College, J.P. University, Chapra, Bihar, India.

Received 25 June,2012; Revised:17th August, 2012

Abstract :Blood directly or indirectly takes part in almost all the physiological activities of fishes and is a good indicator of proper health. The external and internal factors have been found to influence the physiology of the body and their health is closely related with their blood parameters. In this study of C.punctatus, changes in some aspects of blood parameters have been studied and it was found that an increase in erythrocyte numbers, haemoglobin concentration and haematocrit values were found in the months of May, June & July, while a decrease was observed in the months of December and January. It indicated that the fish was found most active during summer months and inactive during winter months
Key words: Blood composition, Physiological indicator, Hematological parameter, Seasonal variation, C.punctatus.

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