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Studies on the benthic fauna in the ponds of Ramgarh , Jharkhand, India with respect to aquaculture

Rajesh kr. Upadhyaya*, Kumar Prabhat Ranjanb, M.K.Jamuarb & Satyajit Kr. Singhc
*aDepartment of Zoology, Ramgarh college (VBU), Jharkhand, India.
bDept. of Zoology, Ranchi University, Ranchi, Jharkhand, India.
cVisthapit College, Bokaro, (VBU), Jharkhand, India.

Received 20th June, 2012; Revised 05th August,, 2012

Abstract :The present investigation was conducted under the minor project of U G C during the year 2009-2010 in the different ponds of Ramgarh [Jharkhand, India].The rural people of Ramgarh is very poor. Ponds fulfill their all needs in various ways as fisheries agriculture and drinking water .Ponds also plays an important role to enhance the life style of the people. Ponds are the small water bodies in which the effective light penetration and seasonal changes occur .
The partial or complete and direct or indirect food dependence of animals on benthos and planktons do particularly some fishes have proved themselves successful in passing their life on the bottom .Benthic faunas are the main natural food of fishes. The benthic taxa recorded during the investigation were Tubifex tubifex Potamothrix bedoti and Aulodrilus pluriseta were belonging to family Tubificidi .The taxa Alosoma hemprichi, A . variagatum and A.headleyi were belonging to family Aelosomatidae. Taxa Dero furcata D.digitata, Chaetogaster setocus and Bratislavia unidentata belonging to family Naididae. The macro benthic taxa recorded were Chirnomaus plumosus,Tipula sp. Helius sp.belonging to order Diptera.The taxa Gyrinus sp., and Dineutus sp. were belonging to family Gyrinidae of order Coleoptera. The nymphs of taxa Anisoptera and zygopteran belonging to order Odonata.The taxa Hydropsyche sp., Rhyacophila sp.,polycentropus sp. and Chimera sp.belonging to order Ephemeroptera. The taxa Pteronarcella sp. and Peltoperia belonging to order Placoptera.
Key words: Benthic fauna, Ramgarh ponds, Aquaculture.

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