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On a new trematode Eucreadium sinhai sp. nov. from the intestine of Clarias batrachus from Tirhut Division of Bihar.

Amritesh Gautama*, Baldeo Singhb & Dhruv Kumar Singhc
*aDeptt. of Zoology, S.N.S. College, Hajipur, Vaishali, Bihar, India.
bHead Deptt. of Zoology, Jaglal Chaudhary College, Chapra, Bihar, India.
cP.G. Deptt. of Zoology, J.P. University, Chapra, India.
Received 22nd June, 2012; Revised 09th August,, 2012

Abstract :A new species of the genus Eucreadium from the intestine of Clarias batrachus has been described. The authors have reasons to consider the trematode to be new to the science of helminthology
Key words: Eucreadium sinhai, clarias, batrachus, Bihar.

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