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Inhibitory effect of heavy metals on well’s water algae

Khushal N. Pathadea*
aDept. of Botany, Vidyabharti College, Seloo, Dist. Wardha (M.S.)

Received , 31st May, 2012;Revised: 15th July, 2012

Abstract : In the present investigation the isolated algae collected from polluted sites to determine inhibitory level to heavy metals of these collected algae for zinc, copper and cadmium. Algae shows more tolerance to higher level of heavy metals. Oocystis parva and Kirchnerilla subsolitaris tolerate growth upto 3.0 mgl-1 of zinc and Selenastrum westii & Phormidium valderianum tolerate upto 0.8 mgl-1 and 1.0 mgl-1 of zinc concentration respectively. Inhibitory level of Kirchnerilla is more to copper than other algae i.e. 0.6 mgl-1 while in Oocystis, Selenastrum, Phormidium growth occur only upto copper concentration of 0.1 mgl-1, 0.4 mgl-1 and 0.1 mgl-1 respectively and in slightly higher concentration cause algal death. The inhibitory level of Oocystis to cadmium is more i.e. 0.3 mgl-1 than the other algal species. Krichnerilla and Phormidium can grow upto 0.1 mgl-1 of cadmium.
Key words : Kalmeshwar wells water, algae, heavy metal.

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