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Seasonal Periodicity of Algae in relation to their physico-chemical properties of Doldo Pond at Santa, Asansol (W.B.)

Angshuman Chakraborty* & Radha Krishna Jha
University Department of Botany, Ranchi University, Ranchi
Received 11th January, 2011; Revised 24th February, 2011

Abstract : Asansol is an important industrial & coal-field area of West Bengal. The urbanization and various developmental activities in this area lead to the deteriotion in aquatic ecosystem specially the pond ecosystem. The anthropogenic activity effects the physicochemical characteristics of water and lead to the destruction of aquatic communities and ponds environment.
The present communication is done to assess the effect of physiochemical parameters on algal community and their seasonal periodicity in the Doldo ponds of Santa Asansol. The specimens were morphotaxonomically analysed with the help of pertinent literature. The physiochemical studies were done using standard method of APHA1.


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