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TLC-Scan of simple sugars and free amino acids of gut Contents of Red flour beetle Tribolium castaneum (Herbst.) Propagating on stored wheat powders

Amita Sahay* & M. Prasad
Dept. of Zoology, Ranchi University, Ranchi
Received 5th May, 2010; Revised 27th August, 2010

Abstract : After squeezing out the gut contents of larval instars (1-4) of Red flour beetle, Tribolium castanium (Herbst) infesting the powdered wheat like maida and sujji of 1-2 yrs storage period.
The TLC analysis of the squeeze provided a host specific bimolecular scan. It was developed through the experimental investigation by Thin Layer Chromatography. (Karmas, J. D. 2008 &
Depending upon the period of storage of the powdered wheat (maida & sujji), the no. of biomolecules under the simple sugars and free amino acids categories displayed a significant variation.
More no. of isolated sports developed in two years stored wheat powder fed larval gut contents in the advance instar (3rd & 4th).
The no. of isolated spots in the gut content of beginning instar (1 & 2) feeding on one year stored wheat powdered was surprisingly very less.
The variation may be due to the enzymatic constitution of the developing larval gut which is responsible for metabolism of the biomolecules extracted from the host.
All analysis was done in the standard BAW solvent. (60% n-butanol + 25% acetic acid + 15% distilled water). And 2% ninhydrin location reagent for amino acids and 2% alkaline permagnate for sugar.


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