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Dollfustrema glyptothoraxum, a new species of trematode from a catfish in Manipur, India

Zenith Ng.* & R. K. Gambhir
Department of Life Sciences,  Parasitology Section, Manipur University, Canchipur, 795003
Received 23rd December, 2009; Revised 20th February, 2010

Abstract : Investigation on helminth parasites in the cat fishes of Manipur during the period from September, 2007 to August, 2009 revealed the occurrence of a new species of trematode belonging to the genus Dollfustrema Eckmann, 1934. The present species differs from all the earlier known species in possessing the characters like rhynchus with a faint single row of spines, different body dimensions such as shorter pharynx, larger testes and ovary, a larger cirrus sac, etc. The species has been named after its host i.e., Glyptothorax  granulus.


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